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This past summer we decided to visit Rome for a few days to experience the Italian vita lifestyle. This was my first time staying in Italy and immediately fell in love with the city charm.

While planning the whole trip, we prepared a mini guide to have the opportunity to see the most places in our four-days journey. So here are some bits and pieces of our trip, and some tips to get plenty of your time to take in the city and its culture.


I usually lean to buy flights from cheaper airlines just to make more room in my budget to do whatever activities we have planned. So if you find any flight to Roma’s airport (Fiumicino) that adapts to your budget, go ahead. Once at the airport, I recommend taking the Leonardo Express train, which is the best way to connect Fiumicino with the main train station in Rome, Termini. It takes roughly half an hour and from there you can easily access your hotel by Metro or taxi. We were nearby, so we decided to walk and start to see the city.



We stayed at the Adriano Hotel and it was delightful. It is built on an elegant palace from the XVIII century and it is located near the Pantheon and the Piazza Navona, which was great. The location and the room were spot-on, but I would prefer a better view from our room (the patio was not so breathtaking…). Apart from that, the staff was very nice and the breakfast was amazing so I think I will choose it again if we come back.



There are A LOT of places to eat in Rome, but if you want some unique experiences to try delicious food, these are great options.


Just a few steps from the hotel, we found this little mozzarella bar. We ordered pizza (of course) and a traditional Italian dish to share. The place was lovely and had a very friendly welcoming atmosphere. It is near the center but not too much, so you can enjoy a delightful night on their terrace or have a light dinner inside.


On one day we were looking for another restaurant near Piazza Navona, but it didn’t look up to our expectations. So instead, we decided to give this small one beside it a try. From the outside, the terrace convinced us and we sat down and order some beers and an awesome bruschetta (it blows my mind why I can’t stand tomato and then order it everywhere). Go straight and order any pasta, but the Putanesca it’s a must. It has a very homemade style and the menu is pretty good if you a looking for pasta.


This is one of the most beautiful restaurants you can find in the city. The atmosphere is incredible. We saw the terrace while strolling around and then got the perfect spot to dine. The menu is outstanding and the staff serving us too. Order the calamari carpaccio with fennel and orange and the truffled steak. 10/10 recommend.



If you come to Rome and expect good gelato, go straight to any Venchi’s store. They are absolutely the best icecreams I’ve ever tried in my life, and the flavors are amazing, especially the Cuor di Cacao and Giandujotto. They also sell chocolates, and even their wall behind the counter is a chocolate cascade (I know!!!!). Expect some lines and a lot of Instagram photos on their door.



So, for a quick trip like this, it is useful to look up beforehand where you want to go or which places you want to visit for sure. Here are a few spots we loved to see in person.


Vatican Museums

Take time on your journey to buy some passes to visit it. The unforgettable art and architecture won’t disappoint you. If you have some spare time, climb up the St. Peter’s Basilica dome to be amazed by the views. In our 4-days trip, we come back twice to appreciate every detail we could.


An essential part of the Rome’s skyline; the Colosseum is one of the best parts to visit. You will feel the ancient vibes that surround it just stepping in. I definitely recommend booking in advance on their website to rest assured you won’t have to wait to enter. They also have a small museum with information and you can listen to any guide while strolling around to learn more about it.

Fontana Di Trevi

One of the most photographed spots of the city. It has a very attractive aesthetic, but if you want to take pics without too many people, you will have to go there quite early. As you can see, after lunch a lot of people gather there to take some photos and do the ritual to throw a coin to make sure you will come back.


This neighborhood is one of the most pleasant ones in the city. Its bohemian and calm air can transport you to a new lifestyle while strolling its little streets. It has a lot of great restaurants and bars to relax and take some relief from the unstoppable rhythm of the city center.



Piazza Spagna

Views from St. Peter’s Dome

Piazza Navona

More gelatto at Fontana di Trevi


Hope you enjoy reading and it helps if you are deciding where to go on holiday this year!

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